Why should I use a barcode font for my barcode printing needs?

The reasons are Ease of Integration and Industry Specifications Compliance.

A font is available in almost all computer systems. It can thus be easily integrated into your business. Instead of changing your systems to fit us, our barcode solution fits into your business. A font is a very basic component of a computer system. A barcode font solution will ensure that you will be able to generate barcodes using our solution easily and quickly in your existing system. If you notice, the trend for most internet browsers is to support the new Web Open Font Format. This means you will be able to utilize our proven barcode font engine in the web using these modern browsers.

On Industry Compliance, you will notice that we have placed importance in the use of a barcode font. This is because we have designed the barcode fonts specially to ensure you have the strictest compliance with the industry standards. Each font character is carefully crafted to meet the different requirements and specifications. This is in terms of the spacing of the bars in the barcode and the ratio of the thick to thin bars.

When a font is printed, it rasters to the resolution of the printer and will not be limited to the DPI (Dots per Inch) of the computer screen. You will only need to make sure your printer is of high resolution and will definitely not have problems when scanning the printed barcodes. So make sure when you choose a barcode solution, choose one that uses specially crafted barcode fonts like our ConnectCode Barcode Fonts.