Using the Barcode Font with Access

Import the Macros to Access

A sample Access database ConnectCode.mdb is included in the software installation. This sample database includes the macros for generating the check digits, formatting the barcode string and adding start/stop characters in the "ConnectCode" module. This sample database is created for you to test out the creation of barcodes in Access quickly and easily.

Displaying a barcode in Access Reports

  1. Launch Microsoft Access
  2. Open the ConnectCode.mdb database file
  3. Under the Objects column, click on Reports
  4. Click on the SampleReport. This will bring up the report in Preview mode.

  5. Open the Report in Design View. Look for the text "=Encode_Code39([Data])". This is the part which uses the ConnectCode VB macros to encode data to a barcode string.
  6. Change the Font of this object to any of the ConnectCode Code39 Fonts. e.g. CCode39_S3. Resize the object to get your desired results.
  7. Click on Print Preview to display the Report again
Importing the VB macros to Access

If you will like to use your own database, you can do the following to import the macros.
  1. Launch Microsoft Access
  2. Click on the menu Tools->Macro->Visual Basic Editor.
  3. Click on the menu File->Import File...
  4. Select the Encoder.bas file that is bundled with ConnectCode. This file is located in the Resource sub directory of where ConnectCode is installed
  5. Click on Save followed by Close in the Visual Basic Editor