ConnectCode Barcode Fonts

ConnectCode Barcode Fonts, a fonts package proven in the industry over the last 15 years, includes over 100 barcode fonts to help businesses create high-quality barcodes. The created barcodes adhere strictly to the industry specifications and are used in retail packaging, logistic labels, pharmaceutical labels, manufacturing labels, business reports, Excel spreadsheets, mobile apps, software applications, and websites. Many Fortune 500 companies use this fonts package to help them passed their barcode verification tests and independent audits such as those by GS1. With over 100 barcode fonts, together with the label/auto-id industry's many requirements, it may seem daunting to use initially. Hence, we provide the following tutorial for a quick overview of using the barcode fonts with ease and confidence.

Note: Please note that Barcode & Label uses a custom version of ConnectCode Barcode Fonts specially tailored for printing labels.

Quick Overview of the Barcode Fonts

Multiple Barcode Fonts Height

Each barcode comes with multiple barcode fonts of different heights. For example, the Code 128 barcode comes with the following set of barcode fonts.

  • CCode128_S1: a barcode font with the smallest height.
  • CCode128_S2
  • CCode128_S3: Default
  • CCode128_S4: a barcode font with a height between S1 and S7.
  • CCode128_S5
  • CCode128_S6
  • CCode128_S7: a barcode font with the largest height.
Each of the heights maps to a commonly used dimension of barcodes required by the industry. You can adjust the barcode dimensions by changing the Font and Font Size.

Shared Barcode Fonts

Different barcodes may use the same barcode fonts. For example, the Code 128 Auto, Code 128 A, Code 128 B, Code 128 C, and GS1-128 (UCCEAN) barcodes all use the same set of barcode fonts as described in the section above. The underlying symbology for these barcodes is the same.

The UPCA, UPCE, EAN13, EAN8, EXT2, and EXT5 barcodes also use the same set of fonts shown below.





Standard Style

  • CCodeUPCEAN_S1
  • CCodeUPCEAN_S2
  • CCodeUPCEAN_S3: Default
  • CCodeUPCEAN_S4
  • CCodeUPCEAN_S5
  • CCodeUPCEAN_S6
  • CCodeUPCEAN_S7
Barcode & Label (or the Font Encoder) automatically selects the default font for you when generating a barcode.

Extended Style Barcodes

Most barcodes are displayed with an optional human-readable text right below the barcode. This text is sometimes also known as the interpretation line. In most cases, Barcode & Label or the Font Encoder automatically generates the Human Readable Text. For some barcodes such as UPCA, EAN13, EAN8, and UPCE, the text can be placed uniquely in a format known as Extended Style. This is shown shown below.

ConnectCode Barcode Fonts contains barcode fonts designed specifically for Extended Style barcodes. We strongly recommend using these industry-proven Extended Style barcode fonts.

Extended Style

  • CCodeUPCEAN_HRBS3: Default

Frequently Asked Questions

I am new to barcodes, but I need to use them in my company; which barcode do I use?

We recommend the Code 128 Auto barcode. This barcode supports the full ASCII set and is highly optimized, which means you can pack more data into a barcode within the same amount of space. It is also a popular and well-known barcode supported by a wide variety of barcode printers and scanners.

I am getting an extra digit in my barcode. How do I turn it off?

This is the check digit/character of the barcode. For some barcodes, this character is optional and can be turned off.

If you are using the Barcode & Label (or the Font Encoder), uncheck the Check Digit option. If the option is grey out, the specific barcode does not support check character, or the check character is mandatory under industry specifications.

I am unable to scan the barcode I created. What can I do besides contact you?

Create your barcode with a Font Size of 32 (except for fixed-size barcodes like POSTNET). This is the size that the barcode will be scannable on almost all scanners even when the barcode is printed on a low-resolution printer. After testing the barcode with font size 32, reduce the size incrementally to meet your label's size requirements.

GTIN Barcodes

Human Readable Text of Barcodes

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