Using Javascript to generate the barcode characters

To create a barcode that adheres to the industry specifications typically requires the validation of the input data, transformation of the data to barcode characters and the creation of check digit characters. Besides providing the web fonts, the ConnectCode Barcode Web Fonts solution also provides Javascript and jQuery programs to carry out the above-mentioned processes.

Users can simply copy and upload the entire subdirectory of a specific barcode web font from the ConnectCode solution and have barcodes created on their websites immediately. The "Resource/HTML5/webfonts/javascript/<barcode name>" directory contains the web fonts, HTML web page and Javascript programs for the different barcodes shown below. Click on the links below to see a sample of the barcode generated.

Note : The registered version contains the full set of fonts of different sizes in the subdirectory. Users can remove the fonts that are not in use to reduce the number of files to upload.