Why should I use your barcode software instead of your competitors?

There are two important reasons. The first is a proven barcode engine. We have developed and marketed barcode software solutions for many years. Our barcode software is trusted and highly regarded by many fortune 500 companies. We have also helped many fortune 500 companies clear their institution audits and independent barcode verifications. These are vigorous tests and require both expertise and experience. With each test, our products improve in terms of quality and stability. As a matter-of-fact, most of our customers are very happy and very satisfied with our products. They have also been with us for many years.

The second reason is something we hear from our customers. It can be summarized in these few words: "One license, multiple barcode solutions". Our barcode engine works on a standalone application, Excel (formulas and add-in), Word, Access, Crystal Reports, Oracle, Internet Web Fonts, Javascript, jQuery, publishing applications, imaging applications like Photoshop, Native MFC applications and .NET DLL applications. It comes in Open Type, True Type, Postscript (both binary and ASCII) and Embedded OpenType. Our barcode solution comes in a SINGLE PACKAGE and with a single purchase, customers have access to all the different integration means.

So why is this important? For example, we have a customer who started out by using our Barcode Fonts in their Crystal Reports application. Over time they have new business contingency plans where they need to generate barcodes in an Excel file or in a standalone application using our Font Encoder. With a single purchase from us, they have all the solutions to cater to their evolving barcode printing needs.