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Calculation of I2of5 Check Digit

For example if the data "12345" is to be encoded as a barcode. The check digit is calculated as follows.

Starting from the last digit, multiply by 3 followed by 1.
Sum : (1*3) + (2*1) + (3*3) + (4*1) + (5*3) = 33
If Sum Modulo 10 equals 0, the result is 0. Otherwise the result is 10 - (Sum Modulo 10)
Modulo 10 :10 - (33 % 10) = 7
Data to be encoded123457
Mapping12 = ',' , 34 = 'B' , 57 = 'Y'

The characters "{,BY}" can then be keyed in to the text editor with the appropriate font selected to generate a I2of5 barcode with check digit.

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